10k Lone Moutain Earrings -Who made them?

Thank you.

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They are lovely but the work does not look like Native American to me.

Had these looked at -they turned out to be Bisbee value $400. Don’t know who made them.

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That’s fantastic! Congratulations

Those are two beautiful stones. Bisbee is known for a lavender and chocolate colored matrix. Many times when you get this rich blue and a dark matrix you will have to consider the rock being Bisbee. I would agree that these are not Native American made. The artist used 10k gold what might make you think that he/she/manufacturer is looking for a good looking stone, but not wanting to pay a Bisbee premium. The stone doesn’t have a backing, so you think a manufacturer cut, majority of American cut turquoise will have a backing. What has this great look and doesn’t have a backing, Persian Turquoise. Each stone is only going to be a couple of carats, on the high end you will find Persian around $8 a carat, lots of times much less. If you converted 4 carats to ozt, then subtracted that from the earring weight I imagine the earring gold weight is less than $40. Gold craftsmanship is always a higher rate than silver, many times 2 to 3x. These pictures are of a group of Persian stones, fronts and backs.

It is always difficult to determine a stone from an image. I am just trying to consider the other pieces we have to work with. Thanks for sharing.

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