1920s/30s Concho Buckle

One of my favorites. Nice combination of repoussé, stamp work, and punched holes. This buckle was converted from a concho belt. Back of buckle shows remnants of original copper loop used for attaching concho to a belt.

Thanks for looking!


That is an amazing piece. It would be amazing to have that concho stamp, one stamp makes that center design. You just don’t find anyone making stamps like that anymore.

Thanks Jason. I didn’t know one stamp was used on the center design. I figured each “arm” was stamped individually. If you happen to own the book, Southwest Silver Jewelry by Paula Baxter, there is a complete concho belt of the same design by the same artist shown in the book.

A couple of stamps, you will notice how big the his/her stamp is, even shapes the with that nice dome.


Jason, thanks for the photos. Very helpful!