1950s Santo Domingo set? No idea. Please help.


This is my first topic here. I love ethnography, ethnic art and jewelry. Bought some books on native American jewelry and trying to educate myself.
However, I have no idea about older items and turquoise, so hope to learn from you, guys.
Please help me out!

Okay, now about this beautiful set.
I bought it online, from a shop selling old stuff. The owner said he bought this 40 years ago, and the set was made at least 20 or

30 years prior to that.
That’s all I know.

Probably, it is Santo Domingo and order made. Has no author Hallmark, only sterling.
The condition is perfect, no cracks, scratches, etc.

It had a lot of patina, but the previous owner polished it before sending to me. I will attach the photos before and after.

What do you think about this set? I showed it to someone who said it is perhaps 1950s, because bod the spring used.

What can you tell me about it?
And, the biggest question, how much can it cost?

Thank you!!!

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We have had this one online for about a year.


Thank you for the reply, Jason! I appreciate it!

So, it might be Navajo after all.
I see.

In the country I live Native American jewelry is very rare, so I saw this kind of set for the first time. Of course, I found some similar ones in the USA.

The condition of the set I have is nearly perfect. Looks like it hasn’t been used…

I also wonder whether a turquoise set might be more expensive than the one you provided the link to. On the other hand, the design of the mother-of-pearl one is really beautiful and unique…

Thank you again.