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Hello I have a road runner pin and I’m having trouble identifying the hallmarks would greatly appreciate any and all help on this

hello,can you help me identify and value this piece.i purchased it on ebay and i am not sure what i have.

You will want to start a new post instead of adding it here, no one will see it. Also add a picture. Thanks and look forward to helping.

Would like to know the origin and possible value of my massive heavy Squash Blossom Necklace please

It might be compressed or block turquoise, also I would check the silver? The beads look like nickel, can’t tell from the image.

I would love to have some help determining whether these very large beads are Chinese or American? I go to many estate sales but I also have visited Arizona several times and frequented their antique shops so I can’t remember where or when I acquired these.
I have had them a long time and they look to me to be old. Thanks for any help.

I would think these beads are Chinese.

…are you able to identify this cuff bracelet’s artist, age, sacred symbology and healing attributes? many thanks ! I want to give this to my fiance when I propose to her “in ink”

Willie Yazzie, $90. It is Navajo, bear is for protection. Congratulations on your engagement.

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Thank YOU ! She’s a real gem (pun intended, sort of)…and in need protection as she is just now, at 49, engaging in of lots of healing from a toxic family of origin. Is the artist still among the living ? And does he do commission work ? A set of rings would be a monumental gift for her/us…
My Dad’s name is Leaping Bear (although, at 88, he still prefers to spell it “bare”…these days a legend in his own mind), so there is that spirit in our family.


Hello~ I’m looking for info on this stone. My Mom lived south of Tucson so I am assuming it came from Arizona, but I’d an interested in which mine it’s from. Thanks so much for your time! Jodi

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Welcome to the forum. This is a piece of Chinese turquoise from China.

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Thanks so much Jason! I appreciate your time so much! Have a super day, Be safe.

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Hello - i am not certain if this is the correct category for this question - but here goes… I would like to know how one goes about determine if an online Native American seller/store is legitimate. Looking forward to anyone’s advice and opinions. Thank you

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Are you asking about a stand alone site or a place like eBay?

Good question. I think I have a pretty good idea how to evaluate eBay sellers, so I think my question might be more for a stand alone site.

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I can’t remember whether that has been discussed on here. There are several groups on Facebook that have mentioned specific sites. There is one for identifying fake NA jewelry, there is another called NA jewelry lovers as well as several others. You might check that out also.
There are definitely a lot of fakes out there.
You might also search this site for fake NA jewelry. I do know heishi is a topic that has been covered but I think you want specific sellers to avoid rather than how to spot the fakes.

Exactly! The Facebook sites that you mentioned sound like a great place for me to start. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I would also like to say that I have enjoyed following your posts and see what new treasures you have found. Thank you!

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Well you are about to see some real treasures on those Facebook sites. Some of the members and artists post exquisite pieces. You are more than welcome for what help I provided.

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