Age, Value, Maker, Any Info at all on 3 Old Bracelets?

Purchased these 3 old bracelets from an online auction where someone was having to liquidate their collection. I’d love to find out anything I can about them. The first one is signed either Wallace Jr. or Wallace JP not sure which. The second is marked LEB and sterling. I can’t tell for sure if the third one has a hallmark or not. It looks like it may have some raised silver mark, but I can’t make out what it is at all.

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I love them all, especially the one signed Wallace. :heart:


I have a cuff by Wallace Jr. And love mine too. LEB is likely Linberg and Eva Billah. The last one I haven’t checked on yet but if it’s a hallmark my first thought was possibly a wolf track. They are great! :blush:

@tessburgess I’d love to know where you find your stuff…I rarely find auctions or secondhand with the luck you seem to have! :grin:

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Believe it or not, I’ve found these 3 beauties on Ebay! I have found quite a few items there. I try to be careful although I have been taken a time or two, but for the most part, I think I have a pretty good eye. I just know I like what I like and I tend to like the older stuff.


Sorry, @tessburgess… I accidentally called you by the wrong name earlier when I posted my comment, and have updated it…

I guess you just really have to look and take a gamble sometimes. I have also found some good things online, but that’s sort of dangerous unless the seller offers returns, haha.

You did really good here!


Nice pieces, his full name is Wallace Yazzie Jr. and passed about 5 years ago.


I love all three of these!