Agnes Platero Belt Buckle

Hi Turq. people, I am looking for info on the age of this belt buckle. I am putting it up for sale on ebay and not sure where to start. It has the signatory AP/ on the back and the stones are holding but cracked. Its an old piece but can’t find info online about Agnes, just Albert. I would guess 1950’s? Coin silver? Is the value affected by the cracks? I tried to get photos of the stones to show that there are no divets in the stones, that’s just matrix.


I know Don Platero who is the son of Agnes. She used two different hallmarks, not sure which came first. I am going to say this is the second one because we see this one more often, just a guess. That leaf is a style we think of when we think Platero. Not sure what the stone is, the color and characteristic reminds me of Morenci. My guess would be more 1970s, don’t worry about the crack.

“cracks” actually, but I’m still wondering where I can find info on her. Is her work or info available online anywhere? The style has an older feel to me but you’re the expert, thanks.
Can you give me a ballpark value?

I assume Don is in his 70s, if not late 60s. I haven’t been around forever but I don’t ever recall meeting Dan, Ramone or Agnes so believe it has been sometime since they were around. Tony who has been working here since 1960s says Ramone would sell here when it was Tobe Turpens in the 1970s and was old at that time, he is the younger brother. That is pre internet and always makes a big difference in what information is out there. I am not sure of size and how the piece feels, going from the image I would put around $400 - $500.

Okay, Thank you Jason.