Altering a piece that isn't wearable

I have a feeling i know the answer already, but here goes. I seldom buy things that i won’t personally wear. However, i am tempted to buy a pair of stunning earrings that are unfortunately clip back. I can’t wear clips, and am considering having them converted to posts. (i think the maker is still alive, and i thought about seeing if he would/could do the conversion) I guess the only person it would matter to is me, since i’m not doing it for resale. which circle of hell would i deserve for converting them? Are there any pitfalls to converting, other than damaging resale value? I guess i would have to worry about a metal allergy to the solder, or damaging the stones/setting in the heating/attaching a post process. AACK. I want to marry these stones, but i can’t wear clips.

I think it’s very cool that you were able to research the artist to see if he is still alive. I think it would be a great if you sent the clips to him and had him convert them! You are staying true to the piece. I also don’t think it effects the value at all, if anything, I would increase the value a little because most people (like you) do not prefer clip-ons. I say go for it. And the artist should be able to use silver solder, so you won’t have an allergic reaction.

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I appreciate that, Bigbree! I was thinking that if it made them more wearable, it wasn’t really “damaging” them, but i know there are purists… Then again, they’d be on MY ears, you know?


I will admit that I too, am one of the “purists,” but there are always exceptions to the rule. If your artist can’t/won’t do the post conversion, @Jason did some awesome repair work for me which was very reasonably priced

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No pictures, but everyone I’ve spoken with says the stones need to be pulled so the heat does not damage the turquoise. Good if the original artist can reset them. Additionally, if the clips are silver themselves, there is some value there.

That’s what I was thinking about heat, too. Thanks!