American? Hopefully

I’ve been looking at this ring for a bit and I finally decided to purchase it. It had been there so long the display peeled off and stuck to the inside of the ring :grin: I’m really hoping it’s American turquoise. Any help would be appreciated :smiley:


Kingman maybe? The bottom stone at least looks like Kingman to me🤷 Reminds me of what they call stoplight style, but with one too many lights (maybe it has a green arrow😁).


Thanks so much Ziacat :smiley: I would definitely be ok with kingman. The stoplight analysis works for me. Finding a ring that actually fits me and has nice coverage was a win win for me :grin:


But I am just guessing, not any kind of expert here😁 But what a pretty ring!


No worries at all :smiley: I completely understand. I was just hoping it wasn’t Chinese. Chinese matrix is really starting to stand out more and more to me when I see it. This ring didn’t look Chinese but I’m still not sure either. Thanks for your guess :grin:

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Hi Cyanide Rose. Beautiful ring! I remember the Navajo sand casting used for the shank very well, and have personally worked with identical sand castings.

The Turquoise looks like natural Persian (possibly from the Nishapur mine) to me. That and the use of that particular casting would place the date of manufacture sometime between the early to late 70s, probably in or around Gallup NM. Persian turquoise of that quality became very scarce after the Shah was deposed in 1979 and the supply dried up practically overnight.


I agree that the bottom stone has that Kingman look. The center two look just like some Candelaria Turquoise we purchased from the Otteson brothers some years back.


Hi mmrogers, Thank you so much. Your detailing of a piece make me want to get into silversmithing :grin: It just seems so rewarding to me. Thanks so much again :grinning:


Thanks so much Jason :smiley: I loving the fact that none of the suggestions were Chinese. That’s really all I could hope for. Very much appreciated.

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