An oldie but a goodie...and whether to attempt to fix

Any ideas on what type of turquoise this is? I love, love, love the color and the variance in this stone. The Mercury dimes on either side of the stone are 1940 and 1942.

Note how some of the sawteeth of the bezel are almost completely worn down in some places, and in others, are almost there. Someone must have worn this a whole lot.

Guesses on age and turquoise type? Does the maker’s mark, which appears to be an 8 or infinity symbol, ring any bells?

Should I attempt to, or is there anything that can be done, with the bezel? The stone is secure and maybe there is nothing to worry about, but since it’s so worn down around the edge, I’m not sure if I should be worried about this or not.


OK, since we’re guessing, here is my thought. To my somewhat experienced, but not expert eye :laughing:, I’m thinking black web Kingman (with some quartz?).
Regardless, really nice old piece. I also love, love, love this old stone - lol. Personally I love the worn bezel; shows it’s history. It appears the bezel is securing the stone quite well, so I’d leave it alone.


bezel wasn’t necessarily pointy when new.


Yes, it was. There’s no way that wear over time would turn a smooth bezel into a scalloped one.

Like @Bmpdvm I think a worn bezel that’s fully functional is quite a great look, very sweet–I wouldn’t touch that. Let security of the stone guide you. Age wise there was a vogue for using US coins in the second quarter of the 20th c., but the applied leaf shape looks 50s at earliest to me.


but a scalloped would smooth out

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I agree with @chicfarmer; if the stone seems secure, I wouldn’t change the bezel. It shows it’s age and gives it personality. What a beautiful piece! I love the dimes on it. And I was thinking the stone reminds me of Kingman also.

And dang there’s a lot of new stuff on here! Gives me a lot to read. I’ve been too busy watching Nathan Chen on repeat LOL…


I agree, I did not want to mess with the bezel and want to leave it as it is… I was just wondering if it was something I should be keeping an eye on or thinking about. The silver of the bezel is extremely smooth and so silky feeling, if that makes sense, it’s almost as if someone used to rub it frequently… it’s that smooth. Maybe the previous owner would run their fingers around the bezel a lot.

@chicfarmer thanks for the date guess. I did not know that the applied leaf was no older than 1950s. I know the bracelet can’t be any older than 1942 because of the year on one of the dimes.

This bracelet does seem to have a lot going on. A single raindrop, a leaf, stamp work, twisted rope, the dimes, the stone, and the split shank.

I have to laugh at how often Kingman comes up. I think that’s probably a pretty good guess, too, but it’s just funny that Kingman is everywhere! That mine was really prolific.


Speaking of warn bezels…I’ll share a ring with noted wear on the twisted wire along the bezel. Hope it shows well in these photos…I may need to take additional pictures. As we’ve discussed, the wear tells a bit of its history, I believe it was a much loved and well worn ring before it came to me.


Any thoughts on the turquoise in the ring I just posted.

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I believe you posted that ring in the spiderweb turquoise thread, and I think it looks like a natural Kingman stone I have (I posted it in that thread also). So that’s my two cents. When in doubt, Kingman lol! But really, it did remind of mine. Something about the webbing. But who knows…let’s hear some other ideas!

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I wondering about turquoise mountain which is a section of the Kingman mine. The turquoise is beautiful!


Thanks @Ziacat @Islandmomma sorry about the double posting; I was more interested in showing the wear which I love…anyway, I appreciate input from you both! The Kingman mining district encompasses so much, seems it produces “almost” any type of turquoise lol!


But now maybe Jason will weigh in on both yours and Xtina’s, so good you posted it here.

I often joke, when in doubt say Kingman!