Another mystery ring, looking for any info or guesses

I’ve had this for almost a year, bought for next to nothing (less than $40 i think). Huge, 2" long, almost 18g. Stone sits very smooth and flat within the bezel, no markings of any kind, and you can’t hardly find a seam in the ropework or the bezel. IDK but it reminds me of the center of a ginormous Alice Quam cluster piece, which i think i’ve seen in thirds, but never in half, and not without the surrounding cluster work. I love the chunky 4-split shank with stamped drops. I welcome any thoughts or ideas about age, origin, or stone.



It is a great looking ring, would call it Navajo. Lots of times this is used because the stone had a crack, but this one being so centered looks like it was the intention of the artist.

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Thanks, Jason! As always, I appreciate you!

it’s almost like the stones are bookmatched half moons with the rope between. such an unusual setting!