Antler and Turquoise Necklace

I love this piece! Very unusual in my opion, and i sometimes buy things that i think are really awsome lpieces of Art. It took me a minute to realize it wasn’t bone that it is Antler. Seller thought it was wood, looks nothing like wood. Could the pendent be real Silver? The Silver polish turned black as it was really dirty. Passed magnet test. Has anyone ever seen one of these and is it Native American or Foreign? Thanks


My guess is that this falls into the handmade category. The clasp is not usually the type found on Native items (sometimes but very rarely). The components are ones that can be found in most craft stores. Is the star block or actual turquoise?

I believe its real Turquoise as it has some black Matrix but very little. Maybe its a one of a kind, necklace, is that what your thinking? I think its kinda unique, not valuable but the Antler is a really cool element. It does have the liquid silver beads and im pretty sure the Star is Silver. Are these made for women specifically? Thanks so much for your input.

Block turquoise comes in many styles including some with black matrix. Did you hot pin test it? Hard to tell what the maker had in mind when creating it.


Hippie/beachy maybe?


Kinda looks like something someone might wear to a Fleetwood Mac concert :joy:


Thats a great idea. I will do that.

Lol, im thinking hillbilly Mountain people, where im from ; )

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