Any idea what this is?

Good morning. Does anyone know what this piece was used for. My friend bought it at a garage sale and has no idea what it is. The only mark is 925. Thanks

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Sweater button clip. Not Native American. Likely Chinese. Indicators are lack of backing on the stones, style, and 925 mark.


Thank you for the info!

And here I was going to say watch fob. I don’t see any ‘clip’ on either end…or any marks that would have indicated the clips were removed.

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We thought it was some kind of pocket watch accessory too! It does not have any type of clips for a sweater. The mystery continues. Thanks again for the replies!

or a pendant for like a silk cord, slipknot style?

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Your guess is as good as anyone’s. I have searched and not found anything similar.

Is it a phone charm? Those usually have a clip too…

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@Chaparral that’s a good guess. If the end piece opens up, which I can’t tell from the pic, it could also be a handbag charm (yes that’s a thing), i.e., decorative to attach to a bag’s handle hardware.


Turquoise, freshwater pearl, and mother of pearl. Asian made. Some kind of fashion piece for hanging on a button (maybe for a button-down shirt and you hang it from the top/neck button if it is buttoned all the way up?) or attached to a purse or tote bag.

Strikes me as Brighton (fashion brand).


That’s it! I have found several images online. Thank you all soooo much for your input. I’m learning a lot from the people on this forum.

Exactly what Christibo said plus style of bezel, stamped design and the fact pearls are not usually found in Native design.

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