Anybody checked a youtube series called

or is it made by…turquoise in america?

not the best videos I’ve seen but interesting stuff- like,there was only 100 to 110 lbs of lander blue mined?

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Yes I have and I think he’s made a few. If I’m thinking of the same one it was done by Mike Ryan and is based on the book that he coauthored “Turquoise in America”. It is a two book series and this second one has gorgeous pictures taken by Arland Ben who is also an excellent Navajo artist. All of them are also on Facebook. If you like beautiful turquoise, the pictures will have you drooling.


yeah,that’s it…them? lol

I tend to enjoy the sort of “did you know?” stuff

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haven’t finished the newest one yet…it’s only been up a couple of hours. says it’s about NA jewelry