Arizona Bracelet

I was given this bracelet by an aunt in 1970. She grew up in Phoenix and it belonged to her mother so I think it is from that area. I can see no artist marks anywhere. There is an engraved “B L” inside but that was my Aunts mother’s initials. I have destroyed it some by banging it on a guitar for 45 years. It was originally a little smaller but I couldn’t get it on my wrist so the ends were filed a bit by a jeweler. It appears to be hollow but I am not sure. I was told that there was a matching necklace but I am not sure about that either. Can anyone tell me anything about this bracelet? Thanks.


It is a beautiful bracelet. The style has been made by several different artists. Some of the more popular artists who are known for this style are Mary Morgan, Marie Silver and Roger Skeet Sr. The bracelet is old and not having an artist hallmark is not that unusual for this time period. This is an example of Mary Morgan’s work, you don’t see this style being made much anymore

Thanks Jason. Two questions if you don’t mind. Should I have this restored or leave it as is? There are a few dents and it is obviously in need of a cleaning. Secondly, do you have any idea of how I could find out what it is worth? Thanks. Gary

It sounds like you wear it regularly, I don’t think you need to clean it or have anything repaired. That gives the bracelet its wonderful character. Turquoise and coral along with the age and the who it might have been to make it, $600 - $750.

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