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My cuff appears to have A L initial…
I bought in Albuquerque & didn’t get any history


Welcome Cookie. I couldn’t find something that made me feel reel confident about my answer. The best I could do was an Augustine Largo, A TURQUOISE CLUSTER RING SIGNED AUGUSTINE LARGO sold at auction on 8th December | Bidsquare

Hi Cookie, welcome! That’s quite a cuff you have there. I should have a cuff with a stone that big! Don’t get discouraged with finding the maker. I find identifying makers marks the most challenging part of collecting. So much so that I pretty much just buy what I like thinking that one day I will find a resource or a similar piece that will solve the mystery. Meanwhile enjoy your purchase!

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Looks like you nailed it Jason… Found mark in Hougarts 4th.
Beautiful Cuff @Cookie

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Yea success! Congratulations! Cookie, you came to the right place. These people are amazing!

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