Bead necklace and turqupise

This is going to be at a local estate this weekend. What do you make of it? Here are my guesses:
Looks Native American
Think beads are machine made
Kingman on the stone?
Thinking 80s 90s

No price has been posted but what might be a good price so I go prepared.


I would say you hit the nail on the head with all three guesses. I would have this for sale in my shop around $285-$345. People sell the beads alone for $100 I’ve noticed (the price of beads has skyrocketed, handmade and machines ones) so if you can score this for the $150-$200 range, I think you’ll have done just great.


Thanks for your help! Sadly, i didn’t even get to see it as it sold long before I got there. They don’t recall selling price (duh really?) oh well. Better luck next time😏