Beautiful Old Bracelet

Hi, can you tell me what you think this is worth? My grandpa got it from someone in the 60s, I don’t know how old it was before that. I have never felt a piece of jewelry this heavy. I don’t know who the artist was.


I looked at pages of pictographs today trying to find the hallmark on your bracelet. Had no luck finding it but the bracelet is awesome with its solid understated beauty! I would love to stumble across a similar one.
I hope that it fits and that you wear it with pride!

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Or can anyone tell me who the hallmark is associated with?

I have never seen that mark before. This is a very nice bracelet. I would call that turquoise Morenci and I think of this around $750 - $900. Great piece.

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I’m very new to this. Do you mean that type of turquoise is from morenci?

The turquoise came from the Morenci mine, which produced a very high-quality stone, but was later filled in. The mine is no longer producing. This means the existing stones are now more valuable because there’s now a limited quantity out there on the market & no more may be forthcoming.

And I agree, that is a wonderful cuff: Very solid, substantial – if you had a jeweler’s scale, I’d be curious about the weight in grams.

I love that you guys can tell the mine from just looking at it. We live an hour away from morenci and I had no idea that there was a different mine there before the other one that’s currently there. Great info.

Would my digital food scale work?

Sure, it’s what I use.