Bewildered by Concho Belt

I would love to know more about this concho belt which my grandmother picked up on a trip many many years ago. She was born in 1900 if that gives you some idea : ) Here are a few pictures – including one of the hallmark which looks like a fish. Thanks so much for any thoughts and perhaps a ballpark range of value.



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I am not seeing pictures, you might try that upload again.

Tried again and it seems to have worked this time. Thanks!

I’m impressed by how many conchos are on that belt

Your belt is beautiful and definitely looks to have some age. A close up of the silver and stamp work would help. I find the rivet interesting. Do you remember this belt from when you were young? If so do you remember the leather and rivet? I couldn’t find any hallmark like this, but that is definitely not uncommon. I think of belts like this being Navajo made, and of course those of us who live here in the four corners know we are not fish and water people. I imagine the mark might be for a smith who is Christian? Please provide that closeup and I will give you a ballpark value.