Bracelet design

This Navajo bracelet has a ‘wing’ design on each side. It is my understanding that the maker (mark DL) puts a wing design on all of his pieces. Hope to learn who he is and something about the bracelet.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/b3e7d3ae79ca2f6cdb87aba49b4e9b94b7453392.jpg">

Hello, I am not familiar with the artist mark DL. This piece looks Navajo made with branch coral and turquoise. It is a very interesting design and would think the piece has some age. Did you polish the silver? An artist develops a certain look and all their work can share certain design elements. Thank you for sharing.

I purchased this bracelet in 1979 in St. George, Utah. Part of Dick’s, a well known restaurant there, was a collection of Indian jewelry of which mostly was Navajo pawn. He had some gorgeous pieces. I have never polished it with ‘polish’ but clean it with a soft cloth made for polishing jewelry. When you wear the rounded part over your wrist bordering on your hand it is absolutely exquisite. The wings have a great deal of detail on them. The turquoise appears to have a gold matrix. It is quite heavy. Really appreciate your thoughts.