Calvin Begay/ Pam Daniels

I bought an inlaid necklace and bracelet that was sold to me as a Calvin Begay, but is stamped Pam Daniels. How can I tell if she was apprenticed to him at the time and is a true Begay design? Thanks.


Calvin Begay designs are different than made by Calvin Begay. He has sold rights to use his name on jewelry that he does not make. I do believe they are from his original design. If the necklace is stamped Pam Daniels it was not made by Calvin Begay, but it could be one of his designs. Hope that helps.


Thank you. The matching earrings do have Begay’s signature. Since all are quality pieces sold in a jewelry store, I hope that they are his design and made by Pam Daniels when she was apprenticed.

Thank you for your prompt attention to these posts, Jason.

As re: artists who sell the rights to their name and/or designs, is there a list of these silversmiths or any other way to differentiate between “made by” and “licensed by”? Does the copyright symbol mean anything in this context?

You are not going to find a list. The best advice is to purchase from someone with a good reputation. I imagine the copyright is to prevent the design from being copied. Hope this helps.