Can anyone help me out with some information!!

So I just bought this squash blossom necklace, but trying to find out if it’s real or fake stones and how much the value is on it… The stones have a ruff fill to them still not complete smooth. I anything helps tho

Thank you

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Certainly looks authentic to me. Looks very similar to a squash blossom I acquired last Fall, Here is mine. Does yours have any initial. Mine looks like RJE or something, I am taking it to Tucson next week to a trader to see what he thinks. Here is mine:

This is real. I don’t know all the names of turquoise but, this is real. Beautiful necklace.

Your piece is real and the turquoise looks nice. You say you just purchased the piece? This should be a good indicator of value, unless you feel the person let it go. Can you tell us what you paid for the piece?