Can anyone help with this picto hallmark on this sterling, turq. & coral ring?

I have searched, but can’t find the artist. Can anyone recognize this hallmark? Thank you!

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I am going to suggest a possibility, the mark is not a hallmark. Your ring appears to have some age, I would guess this ring is around 40 years old. Also, it is nicely made suggesting this is an experienced silversmith capable of making many different styles of jewelry. The size of silver plate that it takes to make this ring is easily done with a piece of scrap. It can be difficult to tell what the design of the stamp is going to look like just by looking at the stamp, so it is common to hit the stamp against a piece of scrap silver to see what the design is. Of course I could be totally off, but the majority time the mark represents a symbol or something. This looks like a stamp you would see on a scalloped edge of silver.

Here’s an item on eBay with a similar though not identical hallmark. I do not post it here because I think it’s the same artist. It’s a different style and it’s a lot newer. But the hallmark made me think of your post.