Can anyone identify this maker’s mark?

Purchased these two pieces, I’ve searched a little for the initials but haven’t come up with anything definitive. Does anyone recognize them? Thanks -

The ring doesn’t appear to have a silver back, is that correct? Is the pendant the same?

There are no markings but the ring and the pendant both look like sterling to me. They were sold to me as sterling, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

What I meant was that the back of the ring appears to be open, and you can see the back of the stone instead of silver. I wondered if the other piece is the same. My understanding is that in general Native American pieces are not made like this.

Something about the turquoise seems… different.

Oh, yes, that is correct, it does show the back of the stone. This is what the backs look like when wet. The stones are interesting. I still no very little about identification or veracity.

That should be “know.”

It’s interesting because when wet, it resembles this slab I purchased awhile back.

I can’t really tell you anything about it but I have a piece of what looks to be the same material, It was in an open backed pendant setting just like yours. I bought it at an antiques shop in Savannah, Georgia so no details. With the open backed setting I figured it was a piece from Iran or there about. I’ll be interested to see what others have to say.