Can anyone tell me anything about this necklace

This was my great aunts. She got this quite some time ago but I’m not sure where. It has been passed down to me and I know very little about it except that it is a squash blossom. It is on the smaller side, fits like a choker. It has hand engraved initials on back and it also has the word “set” engraved.

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Hello, thanks for sharing. This is a beautiful piece. It appears to be a Zuni made piece. The style is referred to as petit point. Many different Zuni artists make this style of work. Your necklace is attached to a handmade chain. If you want to send a picture of the engraved initials I will see if I can identify them.

Hi Jason! Thank you so much for responding. I have a picture for you of the back. In case you’re having a hard time seeing it, it says " NXX Set" engraved. Any info on this and it’s value would be greatly appreciated.

That is a trader’s mark. It is a code for the trader to know his cost, it is not an artist mark. I would think this would be priced somewhere around $180 - $225. Hope this helps.

Thank you so much!!!