Can anyone tell me who made this ring or anything about it, please?

This a very well made ring with a small piece of turquoise. Absolutely no markings. The overlay is really nice and it’s very dimensional. It tests 90% silver on XRF. Thank you!

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I’ve seen this before.

I hate to say it…this is manufactured. Cast not overlay. Questionable if it is even Native American. I deal in alot of Mexican Sterling and have seen lots of this flush inlay in both resin and compounded Turquoise. It is usually the first sign to me that it is not likely Native American. If you are wonder what the value is…check the link below.

It has clearly got a top and bottom layer. Thanks for your opinion. All information is welcome.

Google “Hopi Overlay Video”. There are tons of You tube videos that give a very detailed description of this technique. Yes you are seeing layers, but not layers that are the result of overlay work. Cast pieces are often purchased and then soldered to plates to be incorporated into different sets or types of jewelry. A good example of this would be to compare the bird you have with the photos of both the bracelet linked in this post and the link I provided to the website(click the blue lettering in the NarVia box) showing the same ring for sale; looks like a dead ringer to me. In 40 years of my jewelry addiction I have never come across a piece of Native American Overlay that was separating like your photos. Hopefully one of the pros will weigh in, I have been wrong before!