Can You Tell Who Made This Old Slider & ID. the stones?

Just got this what looks very old sterling silver 2-1/2" x 2" slider pendant hopefully N.A… The Turquoise is 1/2"x 1/2" (unsure of type), the unknown center piece is 3/4" x 1"( What is this?) and the coral is 1/4" x 1/4". There are no marks at all on the back. It looks like it is worn a bit and may be very old. Can this be very old and be attributed to anywhere in particular?

Can you please post a photo of the back? It would be easier to help.

It doesn’t really look Native American, reminds me of jewelry from India, or Indonesia.

trying to enlarge pic. no marks. bought as a south western piece!

There’s the back! Thank you all for checking this odd piece out.

OK, I know now this is not a Southwestern piece, nor is it sterling. But it is a Tibetan turquoise, coral and a sacred “modern” one eye Dzi stone (not the 1,000+ yr. old variety) in nickel silver. It is a beacon of light and hope, enhances wisdom and gives happiness for life to the original owner until a cleansing ritual is done by the new owner. The Dzi is made of black agate high in the “vacuum-like” Himalayan Mtns. with an acid to make up to maybe a dozen eyed stones for different meanings. Maybe not Native American but still a sacred antique and very special to the Tibetan people. Thank you for looking.