Cat ? Fox ? Opal Pin

I didnt even look at the marks til I got home, was half off day today at the local thrift store and it was super hectic, i just assumed it was a taxco cat pin at first glance and bought it. Once I got home I looked closer, and I think it looks more like a fox than a cat. An A mark does not appear very helpful as there are more than a few of these going around. The setting looks an awful lot like the setting on the opal dragonfly pin i posted a couple weeks ago.

Any opinions on this would be appreciated. Even if its just fox or cat haha.

I found its friend,


interesting, they have it listed as a cat as well, with that big bushy tail though, I am leaning towards desert fox, we get them in our neighborhood here all the time, and they do look very cat-like. I walked out into the backyard a while back and one was sitting the fence (they come to drink out of the bird bath) I thought it was a cat until I was close enough to pet it. But I suppose cat would sell better haha


Cat or fox, this one has a created opal. My vote is cat.

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