Chip inlay storyteller

I ran across this bracelet while on vacation a couple of weeks ago, at the beach. It is unmarked except for a faint sterling mark on the back, but I thought it was an interesting piece because it’s a storyteller cuff, but done in chip inlay.

Is that particularly unusual? I guess just because I’ve never seen one before doesn’t mean they don’t exist. :grin:

I know that this wouldn’t be any older than the '70s, but it does not have a hallmark on the back. Any thoughts on who the maker might be (if there is someone who is known to do this chip inlay storyteller style)?

Pictures below are from left to right across the bracelet to show the story.


I find the story interesting, love the igloo. Looks like some journey. Looking forward to the interpretation from some of you.


Okay, so I’ll take a stab at it. Looks like a stick figure left Taos Pueblo and evolved into a hockey player. But then it realized it needed to go way north where there was ice so it could actually play hockey. But it got too cold, so it came back down to live in the forest. But then it couldn’t decide which dwelling it preferred, a hogan, or a teepee, so it just built both. And lived happily ever after.

Please don’t ban me from the site for this nonsense. :joy:

I do love the cuff; it’s so fun! But I can’t shed any light on who made it.


Oh I missed the last picture. Looks like it shared the forest with a family of snakes (or the Loch Ness monster). Okay I’m done. :grin:


Oh what a quirky tale underway. The teepee! The three stages of mankind! Evergreen trees! Good job, team. :smile: Very cute.


I found this exact bracelet on Etsy. Unfortunately, when I clicked, it was sold.

I would interpret it as the seasons of life. The journey of life.


Hahaha hahaha hahaha @Ziacat! I think you get the prize for most interesting interpretation of the story thus far. :wink: I have to say, it is somewhat mysterious with all the places it covers. I wonder if it’s personal to the maker or the person it was originally made for, that maybe they went to all these places or something. Journey of life, indeed!

I have to wonder about the bundle of snakes, or whatever those are, right before they get to the larger Pueblo on the end. Maybe it’s a tribute to the scene in *Raiders of the Lost Ark * where Indiana Jones realizes that the whole floor of the well of the souls is snakes. Hahaha. Or a jab at life in the teepee being a little too close to nature for comfort.

I can’t decide if the three people figures are the same person in different stages of life, or representative of a family.

I’m too serious. I still like @Ziacat 's interpretation the best. :laughing:


Journey across the Bering Strait, to Alaska (Igloo) then to the mountains and plains (Tipis, Yi-hakans), finally across the desert to the Southwest (cactus, mesas, pines) finally to pueblo life.

Could also be Pyramids (Mexico, CA,SA), Igloos, Tipis, etc., Pueblos.

ETA: Possibly also from Mormon origin theory, that Native Americans were ancient Israelites that came to the New World, hence “Pyramids” which I at first found a bit odd. Plenty of LDS traders and missionaries on the Res, so from that perspective it could make sense as an origin story bracelet.


Yes, my serious side thinks it’s possibly representing the path natives took to get here; @mmrogers that makes sense.

But …what is he carrying?? I still see hockey stick…:laughing: But then I teach skating so I’m prob biased!


The snake area kinda reminds me of a bonfire :slightly_smiling_face:


Pretty sure the left hand portion of the “snakes” is meant to be prickly pear cactus :wink:


Disappointingly, it appears your bracelet is not NA made, which might explain the disorder and random images of the story. Check out this link and read, “About Us” - Link

Still a cool piece though! :+1:


So… since it appears to not be a Native American made cuff, we can kind of say whatever we’d like! Agree, does look like a prickly pear on the left; I still see Nessie on the right :laughing::laughing:


It is a polo bat. He lost his horse.


Of course! Why didn’t I see that, now it all makes sense :rofl:


@TAH dang, you folks are GOOD at identifying this stuff! Wish it was NA, but good job hunting it down. That makes more sense that it’s more symbolic of the style of storytelling , since the “story” isn’t so clear and all over the place. It is definitely an entertaining piece, and I have enjoyed everyone’s interpretations!

The snakes/Nessie/prickly pear cactus and the mystery people are my favorite parts! So endearingly straange. :blush:

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