Claw? teeth? With beads

Hello, What do the members think this could be I was leaning towards teeth? Any guesses on origin or age?


I took a picture of this with my google app and it came back with images of tiger teeth.

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Oh my… I hope not!!!

I’m going with something a little closer to home - wolf or coyote teeth.


Teeth. My vote is for coyote or wolf as they are longer.

Just a little small for a tiger. Found the following tiger canine teeth on the internet.

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found this from a google image search.

um… monkeys?? smithsonian says costa rica/central america for theirs.

definitely teeth. the red and blue beads do look like old “trade beads” or white hearts, which you can still buy today. idk if you can tell how old it is - but man, if these are primate teeth i would assume they were not legally acquired by any stretch of the imagination.

have you had your hands on it? can you tell of they are real or fake teeth?


Monkey! Ugh this thread keeps getting worse lol

Yes it’s def real. A friend suggested bear teeth?


Monkey does look better still.

Could they just be coyote teeth?

Sorry, but this whole thing just kinda bothers me.

Edit: I forgot others said coyote, my guess also.