Concho belt unsigned

Sold to me as Navajo turquoise concho buckle belt. Is it real? 38 inches 158 grams sterling silver. Each link is 40mm x 28mm. Its unsigned. Is it familiar to anyone.

It is an interesting design. You have this combination of Navajo and Hopi going on with the two styles of stamp designs. The belt also has a four direction design going on, which is cool. The links are handmade, turquoise is legit. I had a customer send me a picture of a Morris Robinson piece that had this same feel.


Not sure yours is this old, but it does appear to have some stone. This necklace is marked. If I had to call this something I would cheat from commitment and call it Navahopi.


Thank you very much. This is all very new to me. Your information is very helpful.