Coral and Turquoise Vintage Cuff - Zuni or Navajo

Have any ideas if this is Navajo or Zuni and decade possibly made? Carved stones are beautiful, have seen some Zuni pieces with carved stones like these.

Age is always difficult thing to determine, looking at the style, the glimpse of silver on the inside of the cuff, apparently no hallmark, would age this circa 1960s. As far as Zuni or Navajo, I think it is both. The silver wide cuff definitely looks Navajo, that stamp work really has a Navajo feel and pattern. Carved stones, just always consider those Zuni. We do this here all the time, get Zuni lapidary work and give it to a Navajo silversmith, been going on forever.

You confirm my opinion as well, I have lots of pieces made by both Zuni and Navajo, love the stones on this one!