Coral Cluster Cuff by Justin Wilson

I made it back from my New Mexico/Colorado trip and man did I have a blast. I even laid eyes on the infamous @Jason when we went to Perry Null Trading where I got what is probably the best piece of the trip. It was definitely the most costly single piece I acquired, although I did spend more on a “Bobby and Corraine Shack” 5 piece set that I’ll show you later. But for now…Coral!!

It weighs in at 114 g.


Stunning piece, AC!!

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Great find!! I love it!!

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I have had my eye out for a piece like this. Congrats it’s gorgeous!!

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There’s a matching one still in the case at Perry Null. You might have to sell a kidney or something for it though. :crazy_face:


Wow! That is stunning! I love coral. It seems the high grade coral is kinda getting hard to find as well.

I don’t remember all of the details, nut I recall the coral represents something when used by the Navajo. Does anyone recall?

Yes, I can imagine it’s up there in price. I would love to make it to Perry Null in the future.

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@Jason, Do you know if this cuff is by Justin Wilson Sr. or Jr.? It was purchased at Perry Null a couple of weeks ago. I’m assuming Sr. because Jr. seems to share a different mark with his wife. Just trying to clarify. Thanks.

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