Could anyone help with this name? Looks like D.Waronclue maybe? Thank you!

What does the top look like? Is the work Zuni or Navajo? I have gone through names that begin with Wa and end with and e,y and I don’t come across anything. I do find lots of Wauneka names.

The stone is extremely shiny, obviously coated with something. Looks like the segments or plates were separate pieces that were then attached to the base. Could the Waron be a separate word from Clu or Clue? Thank you for your help.

Still at a lost. Maybe the artist gives a first initial like many of us do a second initial. Cly is a common Navajo surname, D. Waron Cly?

Looks like there is something after the L in Cly. The Cly part of the name is a lower case C, so I am stuck. Did the top view help with a tribal affiliation?

It is different from something I have seen before, but I would call this Navajo. Could is be a sloppy Jr, Sr?

I think no to the jr or sr, but good thought.