Could anyone identify the trademark on the large feather piece?

I bought the

earrings with it, but they are unmarked and may be made by someone else. Thank you!

The picture with the earrings and the pendant suggest that it is the same artist. You usually see a round wire wrap at the top of these pieces. However, you will notice these pieces are done with a bead wire. I have never seen this and would think these are done by the same artist. The hallmark is interesting, it doesn’t look like this is one stamp, instead the artist has created the arrow using different stamps. I looked in the reference books and couldn’t find anything that matched. Good luck, and nice pieces to wear.

Thank you for trying. The mark almost looks like an engraving. After I posted this, I realized that the wrapping at the top of all 3 pieces matches, so I agree that they are indeed a set. Thank you very much.