Could anyone identify this hallmark - attributed Hopi

Tried to find a reference in Hopi silver book but no match. Maybe someone is familiar with this one.
Thank you and wish all a bright New Year.

only things in the 5th edition remotely close but no match


Thank you Steve for your attempts at a match. To me it looks like a Yei, but would think that would be Navajo and not Hopi. Appreciate your help.

you’re welcome.

GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH RESULTS <click not much help either

I thought centipede ish type critter when I saw it.


Yes Ziacat, on second glance I agree it looks more like a bug. Have looked through 3 books of hallmarks and come up empty handed. Will try the insect route and see what I might find. Thanks for weighing in

You are welcome! But it could just be like a Rorschach test, and I’m seeing what I want to see. My cat’s always chasing bugs :laughing:

Can you show us the front? We always want to see everything :grin:

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ahem…corn stalk?
don’t get stuck in one thought-try upside down,inside out,backwards…



Sorry, doesn’t look like a corn stalk to me. The other ones on the picture Steve posted do. Not saying it’s not a corn stalk, just saying what I think it looks like. Corn stalks look different on the top. That part also also looks like the top of a guitar.

Hahaha @Steve, I have a can of raid in the basement to kill the really big spiders cuz I don’t like to squish them. Same with centipedes.

That’s truly creative.

newpawn, Thank you, I never thought about looking at it from a different perspective. If upside down it very much resembles some of the hallmarks that Steve found.

It’s always appreciated having numerous thoughts and opinions to help solve my puzzles.



Arrrgh! You see a corn plant and I cannot unsee a scorpion…I almost stepped on one barefoot at my friend’s house.

@newpawn, I’m just having fun, not saying it’s not a corn stalk.

@biker4all , your cuff may remain a mystery. Thank you for showing us the front. I love Hopi work!

Eeeewww my hubby just said it looks like an earwig.