Do You Recognize This Unknown (to me) Mark on Beautiful Bracelet

Please help me if you know who the jeweler is that made this beautiful bracelet – it looks like:
stacked at the inside tip. Thanks in advance for your help!

Welcome to Turquoise People. I did an extensive search and came up empty handed. What can you tell us about the piece, where purchased, year purchased, anything you can think of?

Hi Jason, I think i purchased it around 2010. I think it was at a pow wow, but it may have been through a shop in NH/ME. At one point i found another bracelet online with a similar inside design. Now i can’t find my notes, nor can i find anything similar online. I thought with it so clearly marked by the smith it would be easy for me to find in books or online, but no such luck… I’m at a loss as to how to track this down.

I did another search and still coming up empty handed. Hopefully someone will recognize the mark now that you have it listed in the forum.

Thank you for trying!