Does Anyone Know Artist C S?

I have a cuff bracelet that is stamped CS .925 and Handmade. I don’t think they are stones as have a more plastic feel to them? It’s very nice looking, weighs 33 grams but don’t know if it’s from an individual artist, a shop, or . . .?

May i ask where you purchased this from? At first, this looked legit. But I think that’s faux spiny oyster. Additionally, natives rarely ever use the .925 mark on their jewelry. This makes me think that this is an import from the Phillipines.

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This was in a large jewelry collection of the mother of one of our clients. She had a mix of high end jewelry all the way to bangles from Black & White, so I don’t know where or when she acquired this piece, but that’s good information to know about the .925 stamp on NA jewelry.

  • the turquoise and colored pieces appeared to be more like plastic than natural.

You can try clicking the stones against your teeth. Natural stones will have a glass-like sound when tapped against your tooth. Plastics will have a short, hollow sound. You can also try a hot needle test, but you risk ruining the stones if they are indeed plastic.

I read somewhere that some NA made jewelry will have Chinese imported stones or faux stones. Is that ever true?

Yes, natives will sometimes use Chinese turquoise in their jewelry. Sometimes faux stones are used in NA jewelry too.

what do you think of the bezel work?

The saw-teeth are somewhat sloppily done, however that’s indicative that the bezels were cut by hand.

Not sure that’s always true. I’ve seen other “CS” pieces that I thought were made overseas. Jason would know for certain whether it was or not.

@lisianthus It’s not so much the “CS” that worries me, it’s the .925 mark in combination with what @beasnod says feel like plastic stones.

Exactly. I was responding to the saw teeth being hand made.

Is the CS stamped, from the image it looks like the letters rise up?

No, it’s clearly stamped. The letters don’t raise up.

We get similar work from an artist named Sean Cayatineto, he uses letter stamps. Maybe they got reversed.