Does my 1950s Navajo ring look familiar?

I just bought this at an antique show in Nashville, TN. The owner said his father bought it in Arizona in the 1950s. It is not signed. Can anyone tell me anything about it? I’d very much appreciate any information. Thank you!


You could have a debate on whether you felt this was Zuni or Navajo. Here is something similar.

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Thanks, Jason. I forgot to mention the seller told me he believed it was Navajo. Just last week, I visited a number of Navajo region shops, and they told me they believed it was Navajo.

I did find a very similar ring on eBay:

This is the only ring online I suspect is from the same builder or school of builders.

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The work looks Navajo. Natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise, and Mediterranean coral. Ring shank and fans on the sides look lost wax cast as a unit. Likewise the Leaf over the top is lost wax cast, with visible mold separation artifacts on the edge of the leaf, and distortions on the left side of the tip of the leaf where the wax was slightly deformed as the leaf was pulled from the mold.

Given the wear and style, time frame for this ring is more likely 70s or 80s. This ring was made as part of a batch of similar rings in a production environment, probably in or around Gallup or Albuquerque.


I would agree that it doesn’t feel 1950s.