Don’t Laugh! Turquoise Help

This cuff is sad.

Any ideas on what type of turquoise? and would it be possible to find a piece to fit so she can be brought back her to her former glory? thank you


I won’t laugh…for me finding something like this is like finding a wounded puppy! It needs help ! I would like to offer some help with this. 1st you might want to tighten up the other loose stones before they hit the floor. You can do this with a kitchen spoon in your home if you don’t have access to a bezel pusher or burnishing tool. If you missed my post about this I can fill you in later. 2nd I would think the missing stone could be replaced but you need someone who can cut you a custom stone and remount it. If this is the center piece you have two options. match or go different. it’s kinda like replacing flooring if you can’t match the wood from room to room don’t try…go different. Then it looks like you meant to. Large pieces of “clear cut” are sometimes hard to come by so you can talk to your cutter about matching. If they can’t match it consider using turquoise with a dramatic pattern as a center piece.
I love to work on pieces like this to restore them but my location in Spain would make this too expensive in shipping for you. We can talk about it if you want.

I think your stones are older Kingman stock judging by the grain and gray matrix. I just bought 3 pounds of similar material that had been stashed away for over 40 years. I’ll post a picture below along with other kingman photos that are similar to yours. hope this helps, Kyle
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Beautiful bracelet.
I agree with Kingman.
It could look stunning with a contrasting stone or even a piece of shell.


I am curious. Did you ever get a stone for this?


Yes! I sent to Perry Null. They replaced stone -was an absolute perfect match! and they tightened all the bezels also.


Awesome! Could you post a pic sometime? I am going to send the heishi cuff I posted awhile back to them soon (hopefully).