Dry Creek Turquoise?

Thanks for your kind words. I love turquoise jewelry, and hope to be a participant/contributor on this forum. (My hubby had to help me with the photo uploads, lol.)

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I think you might be right there. I have a piece that I bought a very long time ago and I am pretty certain that it was tagged as African turquoise because I remember coming home and looking it up. It has Jasper at the top, then blue topaz, and at the bottom is actually an opal. Very difficult to photograph the entire thing and make the opal show.

Thanks for posting this link about African “turquoise” and @StevesTrail for initially mentioning African turquoise. I looked at some African turquoise cabs, and can see some similarities with my stone. I like Jasper so I’m not disappointed at all. The stone is beautiful and I like the ring a lot. I appreciate everyone’s help with this stone mystery!

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I never researched African turquoise before, just saw the similarities. Thanks to @Ziacat for the clarification. Takes nothing away from the ring. Great look and stone. I also really like the look of the turquoise in the squash @Islandmomma .


Pretty pale blue turquoise. Very Nice! Some of the stones in the squash blossom and ring looks like it has a reddish matrix…slightly reminding me of crazy/wild horse …which I love.

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