eBay grab bag!

I scooped this silver up on ebay just to practice repairs on. Anybody know this artist? I’ll let you know more when I get my hands on it. Question 2. If I replace the missing stones and inlay does that negate the NA value? I would have no problem matching the stone and making the repairs.

A quick internet search shows lots of Cortez H. jewelry available. No one appears to know the exact name of the artist. This piece appears to be pre-1990, based on style.
Those blanks were available at Thunderbird Supply in the mid 1980’s.
It is unique. Have never seen watch ends with the “holes” like that.
Am wondering if one artist did the silver work and another the inlay.
Is this the only piece with a hallmark? the others look interesting, too.

The pieces are still in route to my US address. I may not get hold of them till this summer to see. Thanks

I spotted a ring w/that stamp a while back & hoped it would lead me on to the maker of the zuni style bracelet I’d found (marked CORTEZ) but couldn’t locate a connection.

I don’t think repairing negates the NA value as the value is already down from being broken. Where people can run into problems is when they are paying someone else to do the repairs. Too cheap or a jeweler not used to NA jewelry, and your item might come back worse than it was. On the other end of the spectrum, the repairs can exceed the value of the item. I have personally experienced both scenarios.

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