Estate collection

Hi, I was recently gifted a collection of jewelry, some I will keep and some must go. Here is a few pictures of the pins. I know some are old, much of them are signed & many can be hung as pendants as well as pins. Any guesses at values? Except the round turtle pin, I believe they are all sterling - I think the turtle is most likely nickel.


You can check Sold listings on eBay for comparable price ranges for any of these. That’s the research most people do in a similar situation. Search terms will get you there: “turquoise cluster,” “Harvey era pin,” silver turquoise pin," “silver thunderbird,” “vintage Navajo [or Zuni] pin,” etc.

Honestly, it takes time and effort on your part–but the good thing is you’ll build knowledge.

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I love the little roadrunners :heart_eyes:

check the signature close on this one!