Fetish Necklace - Real?

I had been looking for a nice fetish necklace for some time and so when I saw this one online I purchased it. Later I reread the description and it only said it was “Southwestern carved stone and shell.” Didn’t say it was Zuni or Native American. I could not find a signature or mark on any of the fetishes. They are nicely carved and appear to be real stone and shell. The black eyes are drilled and painted, not inlaid. Have you seen these before? Are they made by those “other” Indians… the ones in South Asia?

Sorry for the tiny photos. Please go here instead.

Hello, thanks for sharing. We use to see fetishes like this from a Navajo carver by the name of Larry Cisco. Not sure if this is one, but could be. It wouldn’t be a Zuni fetish necklace. It is not uncommon for a fetish necklace to not have an artist mark. You should always try to get as much information at the time of purchase to help you make an informed decision.

Thank you, Jason. I just wanted to alert others if I had made a big mistake. Not trying to impugn the eBay seller. They are highly rated with 100% positive feedback and I am happy with the item. And more importantly, my wife is happy with it!

It is very beautiful.