Fleamarket finds

Hello, I found these two necklaces at the flea market this weekend. I paid more than I wanted, but believe they are hopefully of some value!

The beads on the first necklace are huge. It’s about 22" long and includes bench beads and hook clasp.

DSCF2752|470x500 . ’

This is a Paige Wallace necklace with huge slabs of turquoise.


Only one necklace is showing so please give it a try to get that other image up.

Is Paige Wallace a native American?

Those are some huge slabs. A beautiful necklace.

No, I realize that after I posted. She designs jewelry in Texas.

Also, I realize I should have posted this in the Appraisal forum. These necklaces both feature natural turquoise. But does anyone have an idea of the value of them?

I think you try to find something equivalent to get an idea, when you see those findings mixed in it usually comes from a supply shop.


Hi, thanks. The slabs in my necklace look better than that IMO, but interesting.

Also, I tried the acetone dye test and no dye came off. Additionally, one of the slab beads is slightly broken off. Inside, it’s a lovely shade of blue, not white at all. Doesn’t this also indicate that it’s not dyed?

That slight yellowing in the pits of your slabs indicate that it’s been stabilized, and some dye was likely added in the process

OK, thanks, I didn’t know that.

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