Found this cuff and couldn’t pass it up

The stones have cracks but it was a perfect fit and I really just wanted something sturdy to wear continuously (except the shower of course) and not have to worry about messing up something that cost a lot. It’s really thick and the stones are tight in there. I think they might have actually glued them in there but it was only $100 :smile: Not much to find on the maker though.


I really like it! Kinda old school which I am drawn to. I wouldn’t worry about the cracks. I have several pieces with cracked stones (even my fav cuff), and none have fallen out. Although I do have a ring that has chipped away at the side, but it didn’t even have a visible crack.


I think it’s Louise Platero. Very desirable if it is. Sure resembles similar items. Congrats on a bargain @CyanideRose18 . I would squeeze some clear glue or epoxy in the crack and wipe away the excess with acetone. Possibly Morenci and worth hundreds. :money_mouth_face:


Thanks Ziacat, that’s good to know. It’s rare for me to find a cuff that actually fits. I lost weight and my favorite one is now too big, but I still can’t part with it. I love the big turquoise nuggets. Plus it might fit again after thanksgiving :rofl:


Thanks so much Steve, I will check her out. There were a bunch of silversmiths with that name. The other was Lena I think but I believe her stuff is fairly recent. I was watching a Durango silver video a little while ago and the dad added a little glue to keep the stone in place. I may have to get some of that for sure :grin:

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