Frank Vacit attb. Thunderbird Bolo

Been conversing with Jason in Identifying and Discovering and have good reason to believe this bolo is the fine work of Frank Vacit. All the info I have is in the I and D Category Discussions. Was hoping to get it evaluated to get it into his group of works, also possibly appraised mainly for insurance. (I crossed the cord to help hold in place). Hope there is enough for you to go on. Thank you for all your help. Great site! P.S. Jason, sorry, I didn’t know you were everywhere!

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/f/f770f14d00c7b7ca96382c6ce9e9b4bbb16db304.jpg">

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/2X/d/d033d2483392774ebd6095c54f509d5a755bf93f.jpg">

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We love his stuff, and it is one of those things that once it is gone it is hard to find another. With that said we have ours a little inflated, but in no hurry to sell it. Scottsdale Trading as a nice eagle dancer bolo at $4950, like us they are very proud of the piece. Twin Rocks Trading and Browns Trading both have pieces that range in $1200 - $1975. The most comparable priced piece to yours is on Shiprock Trading and is priced at $2400, and it is very nice. I would put your piece in the retail price range of $1800 - $2400. Hope this helps. Also, you can contact me at if you want some official appraisal document. Thanks again.

I’d say Frank’s work is hard not to admire. I love this piece mainly for the uniqueness of the piece as a whole in it’s fine details. Thank you very much for the ground work and comparisons. The worth is outstanding and I know will only increase in time. Great job Jason, Thank you, Jim Will go to your web page for documentation.

Can’t get thru to your site ‘jason@…com’. for official document. Says it’s a trick and takes me back to trading post. Any idea what’s up with that?

Well, after getting through to Jason’s site (thank you, sir) I was pleasantly surprised with quite a professional appraisal document. Thank you for clarifying the figure on this prized Frank Vacit bolo as a Knifewing and not a Thunderbird. Just an amazing job, well done. Thank you, Jason

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