Friend claims this is Tommy Singer?

Friend is selling this cuff claiming that this is a Tommy Singer hallmark. I wasn’t aware that he ever signed his pieces with a single “T”? I suppose the style is similar… curious what u guys think?

Mary and Richard Thomas, maybe?

I have to ask myself, do I want just anything signed by the artist, or do I want something in particular by the artist?

Or maybe do I want something that speaks to me, and then it’s a good feeling to know who made it?

This is not the Tommy Singer bracelet that I have in my head, the Tommy Singer bracelet that I really, really want. I lost an auction for the one that I want. It had chip inlay set in a blanket pattern and adjacent to that, it was sort of split open, with a shadowbox area, in which a row of turquoise was set. (I’d love coral, but turquoise would be fantastic.) The combination of the two techniques of cabochons in an oxidized setting and chip inlay was striking. It looked a bit like the bracelet was smiling and showing its teeth. But someone sniped me at the last minute and went past my maximum for that day.

I’d want that bracelet, even though this is a handsome, heavy piece.

And if I couldn’t have that bracelet, as I’ve described it, I’d want one of his more elaborate chip inlay thunderbirds, the ones that take up half the flanks of the bracelet.

I will get my Tommy Singer someday but not today.

I did some more research and it does look like he used a single “T,” but all of the single “T” hallmarks I found were on older pieces, like 70’s era, whereas this piece seems more 80’s.

I just felt like this also looked more like Mary & Richard Thomas hallmark, who also worked with a lot of onyx stones.

The bracelet is very reasonably priced, if it is a Tommy Singer. I guess I just didn’t feel confident in her calling it a Tommy Singer… I think I was moreso worried that she might be selling it as something it’s not.

@saef i admire how you think. I’ve wanted a Tommy Singer piece for my collection for some time, but you’re so right. I should wait for the “right” piece, and not just something with his name on it. It would be more special to have a chip inlay piece for which he was famous for, rather than a plain old cuff :grin: