Genuine or not?


I have what I think is a Navajo cuff bracelet, however I’m really not certain about its authenticity. I purchased it over 10 years ago at a jewellery shop which was closing down in the UK. I thought it was pretty and liked the stones, and at the time it was a bargain because the price tag was £150 and the sale price was a lot less! I have only recently started to look into its origins and since seeing it was stamped navajo I have tried to look further into the hallmark sand see what else I can learn.

The hallmarks are tiny, I could only see them after looking through a magnifying glass. They don’t seem to match anything I can find on the Internet and seem very small an uniform compared to what I have looked up. On one side of the cuff is 925 and NAVAJO (which can be read without magnification) on the other side in the tiny print is GM, An image which looks a little like the ohm symbol, 925 and T.

I have attached a photo of the bracelet (for some reason upside down, sorry!) I cannot get a close up of the hallmarks because of their size.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am probably looking to sell it as it has been languishing in my jewellery box for some time and would like to see it passed on to someone who will appreciate and enjoy wearing it.
Thank you.

<img src=/uploads/db3169/original/1X/6f123af2b5484f863df9ff0b17607daf5aa97c02.jpg">

This is the NAVAJO mark.

This style is usually thought of as Zuni, but that does not mean it could not have been made by a Navajo artisan. I have not seen the Navajo hallmark before, when it is a Native American made piece you will sometimes see something like IHMSS along with an artist hallmark. The .925 would refer to the metal, sterling silver. Thanks for sharing.