Hallmark on Kachina Ring

I wondered if anyone might be able to help me identify the artist whose hallmarked initials are on a kachina ring that I have. The hallmark looks like IVK, but it is not stamped perfectly so I am not sure. Could not find it at the website I usually refer to. Thanks in advance.

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Welcome. I don’t know the hallmark right off hand. Will you please post a picture of the front as well. It may help with the identification. Thanks :blush:

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Thanks for your response. Here is a photo of the front of the ring. I am also adding a photo of a mud head ring that I own, which is unsigned.


i tried to bring up some more detail on that 1st letter of the sig.


in hand with a loop is that bug frog spider looking thing actually there or just some creative patina?

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Bug frog spider looking thing :rofl: I see that also!

I’m diggin that mudhead what a neat piece!