Hello everyone. What an awesome site.
I am looking for any knowledge of these
silver/turquoise artists. Guessing Zuni?
Joan Clark
E Livingston
S Greco
Cyrus Price
Arthur Nez

Hello, welcome to Turquoise People. These are more likely Navajo names with the exception of Kakiki and Greco. Do you have images of the jewelry or just researching names? I couldn’t find anything in the resources I use here. Good luck.

Great site Jason. Thanks for the welcome.I will attempt to post some photos.
I have seen names like Jay and Jake Livingston. Clarks also show up here and there
Unfortuanatly there is never much about the makers.


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Here are some more Jason


Thank you for providing pictures. So the names you asked about are associated with this jewelry? If you could please match name with jewelry and give me photos of hallmark that would be a great help.

The order may not be exact


Sorry about double image

Wow your upload works great Jason

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Jason, the multi bear claw neckless above- first post, has a signature of
E Livingston in cursive “74” Not sure if that is 19 or 1874.
I will try to photograph lo lt later.

Hello! Do you have photos??

Not quite sure what you mean Buffalo Girl? Do you mean the Livingston signature?
If yes I will try to post it tomorrow.

Here is the bear claw necklace hallmark. It may be “74” or 14 humm
Kakiki #2 mark also

Thanks. The turquoise bear claw necklace might not be Native American. First the last name Greco is not a name associated with the Native American’s here in the Southwest. It just has a non-Native feel. The second piece by Navajo silversmith Arthur Nez is a common style of pendant. Turquoise and coral is a classic combination and leaf work like this was very popular in the 1980s. This is a very cool 1980s style piece. I found a reference to a Fred Weekoty with this hallmark, but I believe this work to be Navajo and not Zuni. This is during the jewelry boom and lots of people are making this style of work. Can’t make out the image of the ram hallmark. Pinto is another very common Navajo and Zuni last name, but the style of work looks Navajo. These also seem to be from that same time period, 1980s. The stones in the buckle look to be Morenci, nice. Not sure what the Kakiki No. 2 is, but good luck. That would not be 1884. Not sure about the 74 either. Hope this helps.

Thank so much Jason.It is sure nice of you to take the time.
I am pretty sure the bear claw necklace beads and claw holders are gold plated.
I have more but think another thread later will be best.
All the best Zuma

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Zuma These pieces are gorgeous!
I learn so much from everyones posts.